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So many of the writers of classic spiritual books that draw us to Jesus were steeped in the devout Christian writers who went before them.

abandonment to divine providence - By: Rev. Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade AUDIOBOOK

Hundreds of people sought his spiritual care and counsel by letter. They even passed them down to their children and grandchildren! Then one hundred years after his death these letters were published in in a book called Abandonment to Divine Providence. After all, the King is kind! As you read I invite you to rest in God now… Take a deep breath….

Lord Jesus, I relax in your easy yoke… Teach me how wonderful it is to join you in abandonment to God….

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The divine will is eternally present in the shadows of the most ordinary toil and suffering; and it is in these shadows that God hides the hand which upholds and supports us. His loving hand is all we need to know in order to achieve that sublime surrendering of ourselves which will free us from contentious arguments and feeling we need to defend our actions…. The only condition necessary for us is self-surrender to God in the present moment and then our soul becomes light as a feather, fluid as water, innocent as a child, and responds to every movement of grace like a floating balloon.

We are like molten metal filling whatever vessel God chooses to pour us into…. The Oblate Sisters of Providence are not in the least reluctant to work for social justice. In fact, they are individually and collectively one of the most active workers for social justice. And like Jesus, they do so from the depths of their relationship with God.


He always finds a way when there seem to be no way. Thanks for writing, Leoneli. And thank you for the link to your blog! Looking forward to checking it out. Hi Sister Julie! To me, it means that God is always there, providing all that I need, sometimes before I know or realize that I need His help. No indeed! It means we ask God for our needs, while doing the work that needs to be done. If that were the case, Mother Mary Lange foundress of the Oblate Sisters of Providence would never have stepped out in faith and founded a school for children of color in in a slave state, several decades before the Civil War.

Abandonment to Divine Providence - Book - Stewardship

Our sisters have historically worked with the poor and marginalized, especially in the African American community, in schools and parishes in the United States, Cuba and Costa Rica. Our sisters have also been involved in anti-abortion protests, boycotts against Wal-Mart and a major healing racism project with the IHMs. Yes, we work for social justice.

Every thing that happens I life is a part of His design, our vocation is to actively respond in a way that will enable us to better know, love and serve Him. After some work, that book was published under the title, Abandonment to Divine Providence. While all of these were within the Christian tradition, some of them had been eclipsed or lopsidedly applied to only those in the clerical or Religious state of life. De Caussade recycled these notions from the tradition and applied them to all Christians of any vocation. At first glance we might understandably question how spiritual writings from two centuries ago can help us, but the challenge to seek God always has parallels in every age.

No matter where we are or when we are, our fallen minds are seduced by illusions of control and attracted to the passing things of this world. We are inclined to distraction.

Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence

This is fallen human nature, and it has not changed much through the generations. In Western culture today, we always want to be in-the-know and have an obsessive desire for control. We are easily seduced by excessive activity. We avoid divine providence in the present moment because it requires our full attention and honesty about who we are and where we are.

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In the hustle and bustle, we can easily lose ourselves. In contrast to these movements, Father de Caussade reminds us that if we are willing to lift the veil that lies beyond all the things of this world, God would endlessly reveal himself to us in the most ordinary, and yet amazing, of ways. Western culture is surrounded by fears of missing out or of only living once with no view to eternity.

Abandonment to Divine Providence

They demand an incessant juggling of duties. We are always busy and we seem to always like it. And this is considered success, even normal.

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We have so much going on in so many different locales and in so many different types of media. This pace leads us to forget who we are or where we are called to be. In this shuffle, the real treasures of our lives can get lost along the way. We get caught up in the overall rat race that empties our life of its meaning.

We neglect sacred things and important things. We become strangers to ourselves. The above is our world today. Father Caussade, however, points us in a different direction. He gifted us with the divine wisdom contained in Abandonment to Divine Providence , which is not for the fainthearted. The work of the blessed author is written for those who welcome the Cross, or at least have stopped trying to run from it. The masterpiece is a challenge. It demands that we search for value, purpose, and meaning in the array of our human experience — from tragedy and joy to darkness and light.

It is an aid to each of us to completely surrender to the workings of divine providence as a mixture of faith, hope, and love, which unites us to God and his work among us. In this effort, we must not be cowardly, but generous and bold. We must have a generosity of heart. In our adulthood, we have to stand on our own two feet, roll up our sleeves, and build upon the foundation given to us by the holy ones.

Like all those who desire pure hearts before God, we have to ask our own questions. Will I truly surrender my life to it?