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And broadly speaking, Chinese people have reason to be proud of their accomplishments. In 40 years, they have lifted their country out of poverty while avoiding the wars and unrest that have plagued much of the developing world.

Modern China has its problems, but most Chinese believe it is still vibrant and full of opportunity. The Communist Party has tapped into that sentiment, and has been successfully blurring the line between love for the country and love for the party.

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To blur those lines, the party has turned to potent symbols for the internet age. Its propaganda symbols of old included Lei Feng , a selfless soldier who died in at the age of 21 after being struck by a falling utility pole. But he works hard and becomes a top student. Chinese online users began using the nickname while they waged digital war against young Hong Kong protesters on Facebook and Instagram in August.

Then the Weibo account of the Communist Youth League, the party outreach arm to young people, picked up the nickname and made it bigger.

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The Chinese internet has proved to be a fruitful place for the party to spread its message. They were so disliked that Douban, a Chinese film review site, disabled its ratings for those titles. Clarence Lu, a year-old blogger in Guangzhou, watched the movie twice in two days. The characters were flawed human beings instead of the epic heroes one usually sees in patriotic films, he wrote in a social media post. Lu said in an interview.

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The movie was co-produced by the state-owned Huaxia Film Distribution. A year-old man in the southwestern Sichuan Province is serving a seven-day police detention for bad-mouthing the military parade on social media last weekend, according to the local police. How do I add or edit country or age restrictions for my Facebook Page? When you add restrictions, only people who meet the requirements will see your Page. Anyone who likes your Page but doesn't fit the requirements will be deleted.

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You can update your Page's restrictions at any time, but people who were removed won't be added back unless they like your Page again. Keep in mind that you may not be able to share posts to external sites if your page has country or age restrictions.

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Learn how to limit the audience of posts on your Page. You can choose to show or hide your Page only to people in some countries.

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To add or edit country restrictions for your Page, you'll need to be an admin. If you're an admin:.

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You can use age restrictions to limit the audience of your Page. For example, if the topic of your Page includes alcohol or adult products, you may consider using age restrictions. To add or edit age restrictions for your Page, you'll need to be an admin.

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