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Clinical Management of Sex Addiction

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Workshop with M. October 7, Nashville, TN. Panel, "Effects of sex addiction on the family. Whereas a normal person might stare as they drive past an attractive person, a sexual addict will drive around the block to stare again. They may even plan future ways to spot attractive people so they can repeat the experience over and over.

Addicts can spend an extraordinary amount of time and money on their habit, entirely lacking the ability to control it. They often experience an almost trance-like state in which acting out can go on for many hours. As with other addictions, some addicts experience episodic binges between which they may believe there is no problem , while others experience more continuous problems.

Some sexual addicts also swing into the opposite end of the spectrum, engaging in sexual anorexia, where they so tightly control themselves that they have absolutely no sexual experiences. This does not control or cure the basic compulsion, but like food addictions is simply another manifestation of the addiction. Some sexual addicts act in more intrusive ways, or progress to them as they experience diminishing "highs" for their original activities.

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A Level 2 addict might include voyeurism and exhibitionism , and rubbing against people in public places. A Level 3 addict involves much more serious and intrusive sexual offenses, and has more harmful consequences. Even a rapist may not necessarily be a sexual addict. Rather, it is the compulsive nature of the behaviors that demonstrates addiction. To escape these negative feelings, the addict soon becomes preoccupied with sexual thoughts and fantasies again, restarting the addictive cycle. Risk factors for the addict include unstructured time, need for self-direction and demands for excellence, because they all push the addict toward restarting the cycle.

Is There a Cure for Sexual Addiction?

A variety of questionnaires and tests have been devised in attempt to evaluate sexual addiction, but few if any have been formally evaluated, normed, or proven accurate. Proponents of the sexual addiction concept believe the cycle and beliefs above strongly characterize the sexual addict, however.

In addition, Carnes proposes a basic test for whether a particular sexual behavior has become addictive:. Some consequences that often result from sexual addiction and indicate the existence of sexual addiction include:. These consequences are progressive and predictable. The addict tends to minimize the consequences and tends to blame others for them. Family and friends minimize consequences by believing the addict's promise that the behavior will change.

Prior to acting out sexually, the sex addict goes through a period of mental preoccupation or obsession. Sex addict begins to disassociate moves away from his feelings. A separation begins to take place between his mind and his emotional self. Sex addict is disconnected from his emotions and he becomes pre-occupied with acting out behaviours. These obsessions are intensified through the use of ritualization or acting out.

A sex addict first cruises and then goes to a strip show to heighten his arousal until he is beyond the point of saying no. Ritualization helps to put distance between reality and sexual obsession.

Workshop: Professional Certificate in Clinical Management of Sex Addiction

Rituals are a way to induce trance and further separate oneself from reality. Once the addict has begun his ritual, the chances of stopping that cycle diminish greatly. He is giving into the pull of the compelling sex act. The next phase of the cycle is sexual compulsivity or "sex act". The tensions that the addict feels are reduced by acting on their sexual feelings.

They feel better for the moment, thanks to the release that occurs.

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Compulsivity simply means that addicts regularly get to the point where sex becomes inevitable, no matter what the circumstances or the consequences. The compulsive act, which normally ends in orgasm, is perhaps the starkest reminder of the degradation involved in the addiction as the person realizes that he has become nothing more than a slave to the addiction. Almost immediately reality sets in and the addict begins to feel ashamed.

This point of the cycle is a painful place where the Addict has been many, many times. The last time the Addict was at this low point, they probably promised to never do it again. Yet once again, they act out and that leads to despair. He has betrayed God, possibly a wife, and his own sense of integrity. At a superficial level, the addict hopes that this will be the last battle. For many addicts, this dark emotion brings on depression and feelings of hopelessness. One easy way to cure feelings of despair is to start obsessing all over again. The cycle then perpetuates itself Carnes, "Facing the Shadow" Proponents of sexual addiction theorize the following factors to be involved in the etiology of the condition:.

The development of a sexual addiction theoretically, for some, starts early in life through adolescent experimentation, the discovery of self-stimulation, or early exposure to pornography and other sexual stimulants. Sex becomes a powerful, exciting obsession very early on and the addiction accelerates.