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Most merchants participating in daily deals do not have much deal experience. Even if we factor in additional variable costs such as labor, etc.

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Sadly, at times this manifests into merchants and their staff treating daily deal customers like 2nd class citizens. If reservations are required per deal terms and proper sales limits are set, the restaurant merchant can fulfill the vouchers with minimal increases in variable costs. The economics further improve for other merchants in different market segments rock climbing, golf, laser hair removal, and so on—i. In the example above, even if the restaurant merchant simply breaks even on the economic side, a minimum of new customers will be walking through their doors at no cost.

What other advertising options could possibly beat that?

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Groupon may be the figurehead of the daily deal, but they are not a true reflection of the market as a whole. It is critical for daily deal sites to understand that a positive merchant experience is extremely important, and that more sites should work towards avoiding deals that will result in a negative experience for merchants.

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For all you haters out there, remember: Hate the player, not the game. The daily deal is here to stay. Detectives have determined this incident occurred as a result of a narcotics transaction that went bad and was not gang related.

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  • The investigation into this crime is ongoing. Anyone with information about this crime are encouraged to contact the police with information. Scott Brennan is the publisher of this newspaper and founder of Access Publishing. Connect with him on Twitter , LinkedIn , Instagram , or follow his blog.

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    He can be reached at scott pasoroblesdailynews. Unfold your own myth. Forget safety.

    Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.

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    Paso Robles News Monday, October 7,