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Air War Against Hitler's Germany. Airborne At War. I, Allied Bombers Allied Fighters America at War in Color. America's Hundred Thousand.

Cold War Remnants of the Third Reich ☆ Post-WW2 German Bundeswehr Luftwaffe Uniform c. 1961 feature

Architects of Air Power. Avro Lancaster - Owners' Workshop Manual. Avro Lancaster - Combat Legend. B in Action. Battle of the Coral Sea. Bomber Command. Bombers Patrol and Transport Aircraft.

Eagles of the Third Reich : Men of the Luftwaffe in WWII

Bombers of the 20th Century - Vital Guide. Bombs Away! Carrier Combat. Cobra in the Clouds: Combat history of the 39th Fighter Squadron from Cobras Over the Tundra. Cockpits of The Cold War. Corsair: 30 years of Filibustering DVD: Aircraft Carrier. Marine Bloodiest Battles - A comprehensive set on the U.

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Navy - War in the Pacific: A comprehensive set on the U. Navy in WWII. Dam Busters: Owners' Workshop Manuel. Early Aviation in Long Beach. Eyes of the Fleet.

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F6F Hellcat at War. Fairey Aircraft since Fighter and Reconnaissance Aircraft Fighters Attack and Training Aircraft. Fighters Over Russia - Luftwaffe at War. Fighters of the 20th Century - Vital Guide. Fighting Jets. Florida: The War Years, Focke Wulf Fw - Combat Legend. German Naval Code Breakers. Gloster Aircraft Company. Grumman Aircraft - Archive 2. Hawker Hurricane. The story of the Russian fleet serving in the Mediterranean during the Napoleonic Wars, told by one of its officers. Told from the perspective of a midshipman aboard the frigate Venus, this text illuminates an often-overlooked theatre of war.

The story is told by the citizens within the walls, including a decorated artillery Captain and an altruistic Catholic nun. Three of these works are offered in English for the first time, and all four are fully annotated. These journals and memoirs bring us inside the siege, as the fate of New France was determined during the Seven Years War. The American Revolutionary War was a conflict that Britain did not want, and for which it was not prepared. The British Army in America at the end of was only 3, strong, with a further 6, to arrive by the time that the conflict started in the spring of The scale of reinforcing, maintaining and supplying an army while blockading the American coast after the costly Seven Years War was enormous.

In this title, the author concentrates on the role of the Navy in supporting, supplying and transporting the British Army during the war in America. Almost immediately the 3rd German Army Corps was formed with these same soldiers as its nucleus.

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The Corps was sent to the Southern Netherlands to take part in the final defeat of Napoleon amidst of a constant changing command of control structure, in which the Swedish Crown Prince Bernadotte played a major and dubious role. The story of the 16th Light Dragoons during the Battle of Waterloo. Making extensive use of previously unpublished material, this book gives an unprecedented view of the Waterloo Campaign from the viewpoint of a single regiment, the 16th Light Dragoons, the sole British cavalry regiment to serve throughout the Peninsular War.

It reveals the preparations that preceded the battle, the role of the regiment in the battle, and the long months spent in France after Paris fell, until the regiment finally returned home in December An order book for the year, and letters and diaries of several officers, shed light on the internal life of the regiment and their — occasionally humorous — social life. The British Royal Navy entered the War of expecting victory.

Naval victories of the previous two decades and the mythos of Lord Nelson had built a naval culture accustomed to aggressive action and victory against all odds. This volume explores the socio-cultural effects of the single ship naval actions during the War of , which captivated the British and American world during the last Anglo-American war.

A history of the weapons training detatchment of the British Army. This is the first comprehensive history of the Small Arms School Corps. Centred on the people who have been members of the Corps throughout its existence, this book covers the social and technical history of the Corps and their involvement with weapons development and small arms training.

With the involvement of serving and ex-members of the Corps, and their families, it has been possible to bring together the exploits and events of the Small Arms School Corps for the first time. The bid of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobites for the throne of Britain has never lost its grip on the popular imagination. As an impartial historian, Christopher Duffy deals comprehensively with the reasons for ultimate triumph of the Hanoverian cause in Using this plethora of remarkable sources, Duffy answers the question of the enduring appeal of the Jacobite Risings.

A look at the life experiences, rather than military exploits, that made Lord Kitchener the military man he was. In contrast to the existing biographies which treat Kitchener as British, this text explains how the iconic military commander was an outsider within the British establishment.

Using the existing biographies on Kitchener as a starting point, it explores beyond his military exploits to consider who Kitchener was, and how he came to be the person we think we know. In doing so, consideration is given to his skills, interests, beliefs, and relationships. His sense of history, cultural awareness, and foresight made him a man ahead of his time, traits which made him the best man for the job of Secretary of State for War in Draws on a wealth of unpublished material to tell the story of the schools established in every regiment of the British Army in As the first published work on the topic, the book breaks new ground by drawing on the archives of more than 40 regiments of infantry and cavalry preserved in their regimental museum and county records offices to construct an unprecedented account of the workings of the schools during these years and the challenges they faced.

It has been years since the Battle of Isandhlwana. Colonel Anthony Durnford, an officer in the Royal Engineers, was blamed for the disaster. His family have since dedicated their lives to proving one thing, that he did follow orders. This fully transcribed account explores Durnford, his strengths, weaknesses, qualities, traits and behaviours, available to the public for the first time. An engrossing look at the tactics and strategies of the titular Apache chieftain.

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This volume covers the Victorio Campaign of , a fierce conflict where dozens of Apache tribes headed by the enigmatic chieftain Victoria waged a guerrilla war against the forces of both the US and Mexico. It explores the causes of the conflict, the ethnic tensions between the displaced Apache tribes and the losses the US Ninth cavalry incurred as a result of their actions.

This research will outline the previously unreconstructed and sophisticated strategies and tactics utilised by Victorio, Nana and their followers to defeat every opponent sent against them.

Challenges the commonly held view that the British Army ignored the American Civil War, and demonstrates how its equipment, tactics and strategy changed in response. As a result the British Army has been criticised for not heeding its lessons, a view that can be traced back to the s.

This book challenges that long-held view and demonstrates that the responses to the lessons of the war in the British Army were more complex, better informed, and of higher quality, than normally depicted. The author shows that they were better prepared for the wars of the twentieth century than previously acknowledged. This new work brings a new perspective to the field of logistics during the Great War by analysing, in a series of engaging essays, the critical contribution of particular components of military and commercial logistics to the operations of the British and Empire Armies during the Great War on the Western Front, through the lens of specific elements and themes, each of which, cast penetrating light into dark corners of an important, yet mainly forgotten story.

This vital volume brings their work to life, whilst assessing the significant aspects and identifying relevant lessons for military logistics in the 21st Century. Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson is one of the most controversial British officers of the Great War, condemned as much for what he wrote as for what he did. A unique account of a famed commander of the Great War. Following the war he took command of 56th London Division from until retirement in This new history covers the operations of the 6th Infantry Division who served with distinction during the Great War.

The book seeks to place the division within the context of the tactical and operational development of the British Army in the First World War. An exhaustive record of the 1st Division on the Western Front. From sore-footed reservists and old sweats in to conscripted men after ; the 1st Division faced the challenge of war from beginning to end. This book brings to life the record of the 1st Division. Starting with mobilisation in and its deployment as part of the original BEF, the story of the 1st Division is taken right through to the occupation of Germany after the Armistice.

The book encompasses the familiar battles of 1st Ypres and Aubers Ridge before looking at the Somme from the perspective of a division fed into the line after the battle started. The author has undertaken extensive archival research and made use of previously unpublished primary sources from public archives, artefacts kept by direct descendants and collectors of 2nd Leicesters memorabilia.

Eagles of the Third Reich: Men of the Luftwaffe in WWII (Stackpole Military History Series)

Uses first-person accounts and aerial photography to detail the tactical street fighting during the climactic battle. During this vicious 16 day struggle, the Red Army would suffer more casualties among its soldiers than during the six month siege of Stalingrad, and would lose more armoured vehicles than during the Battle of Kursk.

Building on more than 15 years of research, this book presents a complete illustrated examination of the cataclysmic siege of Berlin. It presents the prolonged, day-by-day tactical street fighting between the dwindling defenders and the relentless Reds through vivid third person accounts and aerial photography. Between February and March the unit took part in the struggle for Pomerania, facing overwhelming Soviet and Polish Forces, and fought in a constant retreat, which finally transformed into a chaotic escape.

For many of its soldiers it ended tragically. Based on a wide range of historical sources from archives all around Europe, this book chronicles the individual stories of French soldiers who served in the protracted battle at Pomerania, solving a number of previously unsolved mysteries about the 33rd.

The full story of the airborne army chaplains in the Second World War, including their role and actions. This book examines the full story of the army chaplains who accompanied the airborne forces to all theatres of war between In the front line of allied action, the chaplains ministered to their men spiritually and materially, performing acts of courage, and burying the dead. It explores the role of the chaplains and their differing experiences.

Panzer Aces III: German Tank Commanders in Combat in World War II (Stackpole Military History)

The book uses hitherto unpublished material including first-hand accounts and letters to tell the dramatic stories of individuals and the multi-faceted work of the airborne chaplains. Their story is an important part of the narrative of airborne forces in the Second World War. Here the Eighth Army licked its wounds and replenished its stocks of men and materials.