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Through each case study the fundamentals of the basic defect, entire format of pathophysiology and the clinically relevant details are provided. The motive of this web site is not only to inculcate knowledge but also to make Case details A 25 —year-old woman living alone became severely depressed after the termination of her engagement. Two months later, she was brought to the emergency room by a friend because of weakness and lethargy. She appeared thin and pale.

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Questioning revealed that she had not eaten for several weeks. However her plasma glucose concentration was within normal limits. She was hospitalized, given intravenous feeding and antidepressant medications and subsequently shifted to an Cal kJ diet. Her recovery was uneventful. Case details A year-old man collapsed from dehydration during maneuvers in the desert and was sent to the emergency. A high level of glucose was observed in his urine. He was suspected of being a diabetic. Further tests, however, determined that his serum insulin level was normal.

A glucose tolerance test exhibited a normal pattern; further testing of the urine revealed that only D-glucose was elevated. Other sugars were not elevated. GLUT Biochemistry of cancer. Case details A year-old woman presents with a long history of joint pains. Physical examination reveals severely deformed fingers secondary to rheumatoid arthritis. The rheumatologist recommends Methotrexate.

Clinical cases- Biochemistry for medics – Biochemistry for Medics – Clinical Cases

This drug inhibits which of the following conversions? Dopamine to norepinephrine B. Tyrosine to Dopa C.

Folate to dihydrofolate D. Norepinephrine to Vanillylmandelic acid The correct answer is- C. Folate to dihydrofolate conversion. The reaction is catalyzed by dihydrofolate reductase; the same enzyme catalyzes the conversion of Dihydrofolate to tetrahydrofolate.

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The enzyme is competitively inhibited by Methotrexate, which is also used as an anticancer drug. Case details A patient presents with dizziness, fatigue and tremors. Of the allosteric activators of glycolysis in the liver, which of the following is the most important in maintaining a normal blood glucose level?

Citrate B.

Essentials of medical biochemistry : with clinical cases

ATP C. Fructose 2, 6 bisphosphate D. GlucosePhosphate E. Acetyl Co A The correct answer is- C- Fructose 2,6 bisphosphate Generally, enzymes that catalyze essentially irreversible steps in metabolic pathways are potential sites for regulatory control. Although most of the reactions of glycolysis are reversible, three are markedly exergonic and must therefore be considered Case details A year-old body builder visits his physician with complaints of fatigue, depression, insomnia, hair loss and dry skin.

Which of the following is biotin required for? The formation of cis-retinal B. Transfer of 1-carbon units C. Hydroxylation reactions D. Carboxylation of pyruvate E. Biotin is required for Normal hemoglobin Hb A and sickle-cell hemoglobin Hb S have different electrophoretic mobilities because these two proteins have different what? Amount of bound oxygen B.

Amount of bound 2, 3 bisphosphoglycerate C. Charges D. Size E. Hydrophobicity Answer- The correct answer is-C- charges. About the Author. Namrata Chhabra is a distinguished Senior-Level Medical Biochemistry Professional with extensive clinical, instructional, research, and administrative experience within prestigious institutions. She carries an award-winning track record in conducting high-caliber research, with complementary qualifications in quality management systems and medical laboratory auditing. She has proven herself committed to improving learning experiences for diverse student populations through strategic administrative leadership and curriculum development.

She also serves on various academic and extracurricular committees. She also possesses a lengthy According to the parents, the baby was just fine until the mother needed to return to work, and the baby was being switched from breast milk to baby foods, formula, and fruit juices. At that time, the child cried while feeding, sometimes vomited, and had been lethargic. The parents thought that if only formula was used, the baby was better, but they really could not remember. Which possible enzyme defect might lead to this case presentation? Biological Oxidation and ETC. Case details A year-old college foot ball player sustains a compound fracture on the field.

He is taken to surgery, during which the anesthesiologist notes a significantly increased body temperature 0 F. The operation is terminated without completion, as malignant hyperthermia is suspected. Which of the following components of ETC is likely to be responsible for this phenomenon? Complex I B. Complex II C.

Essentials of Medical Biochemistry: With Clinical Cases

Complex III D. Complex IV E. Patients with malignant hyperthermia experience uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation. Introductory Message. Our Vision We want this website to be a dynamic environment whereby everyone can interact freely in order to discuss Clinical Cases and solve them. And the way to do so cannot get any simpler.