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I will say a prayer for him and for you. As for the shake, Vanilla yogurt works great, no need for chia seeds or coconut oil. You can add up to 1 teaspoon flax oil if desired. Praying for healing! Do you have a recipe for a high calorie tropical based weight gainer recipe? I was a surgical nurse in a past life and a Vietnam Vet. Keep up the good fight.

Hi Doug and Carolyn! Thank you for reaching out to me and want to thank you also for your service in Vietnam!

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My heart goes out to your wife, as I know the challenges chronic diseases present. As for tropical smoothie—this recipe for a Pina Colada is one of our favorites. All the best to you! Hello, I just wanted to ask what brand of peanut butter do you use? I struggle with weight gain and a very bad apetite, so smoothie calories is what I rely a lot on. Thank you in advance! Hi Grace. I feel your pain.

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Definitely going to try this. Using my products on hand, the recipe totalled cal. Will see how that tastes. I will try this! I have esophogeal cancer. Thank you so much. Oh Kathy, I will be praying for your recovery! I hope this shake helps you feel stronger, gain weight and that you enjoy it. All the best!

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I also have CF and just randomly came across your blog! Hi Kim!! I am so glad you found this recipe and my site! Much love to you and your fight with CF!!! Thank you for sharing! This is delicious and my favorite dessert is a peanut butter cup-or , also! What a great healthy smoothie, my friend! Looks delicious and I love the chocolate with peanut butter. Keep on keeping on, girl.

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You are doing good things. Kristen, I had no idea that you were dealing with CF. Sorry you are dealing with pancreatic insuffiency. That is a tough one, but sounds like you are doing what you can. Ok, on to the good stuff!

Note: To be a daily winner, you must enter before the next bundle goes up. W inners will be announced each day on my Instagram story and below. The opinions shared and discussed in this post are my own. The Benefits of Drinking Water. I love how much I enjoy waking up early to a quiet house and getting my workout in so I have more energy for the people around me the rest of the day!

I can do this! I will do this for me! I will be healthy both inside and out!! Because I am worthy and blessed! I will have a healthy body from the inside out.

My life and my self worth have improved over the years because I now know what healthy living means to obtain goals is to grow conquer and be your best you and not just for yourself but the ones who love you the most I strive for myself, my family and my career to sustain strength and confidence to be the best me My next goal is to run a half marathon in a couple weeks and finish and I will and after that I would like to take the stage …. I am a mom who loves nothing more than being a mom. I definitely do not have my ducks in a row but they are at least in the same pond.

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My mantra: I will be kind to myself said every morning after my first sip of coffee, which is my trigger to remind me. Like way to often. So I promise to myself to get OUT of my house at least one time per week. This would be for me to visit friends, have lunch with my mom, movies, walk my dogs at the beach. NOT going to Costco or the grocery. That is just cause it needs to happen.

Know what I mean? I have nice legs. I never used to think I did. It took me finally wearing shorts to my fitness class one day and my trainer telling me how nice and toned they are. She said I should wear shorts all the time. I finally notice how all my hard work is paying off when I look at my legs. Mom of 3. You family is everything to you and Iovs that! Thank your kiddos for us! They are making a difference just being them.

I am calm, I can breathe, I am safe is the mantra I say when I feel stressed and overwhelmed. I tell myself I am capable and beautiful too. I am more powerful than my eating disorder.

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I have control over myself, and what my choices are daily. I am determined to be the best version of myself! Mom of two toddler boys and I am finally getting in a routine to take better care of me to be the best mom to them and wife to my husband.


I would love to try the Transform coaching! This is great! My kids have a weird school schedule this year, and creating a promise and routine to spend time with them outside as a family after school and the gym will help them connect with us and burn some of that energy! Fantastic advice thanks, Heidi! I will remain positive in everything i do. I am a very strong person, i persevere and push through any obstacle.

I am currently finishing nurse practitioner school while working nights as a pediatric RN and have three kids 3 and under. My husband is also in school to now become a nurse. I always say its important to lead by example… i have fallen short on my health and have put myself last.