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You can enjoy light art already on the 5th December between 4 p.

The public will be able to experience this magical adventure by moving through the inner courtyards of the Castle and ending up in the castlepark, in which light art, tens of dancers, a choir, fire. This 6-hour, shape-shifting artwork which combines multiple artforms is an experience that is unheard-of in its uniqueness. The inner courtyards of the Turku Castle are open for public until 6 p. Historiallisesti arvokkaassa kohteessa toimiminen on aina haastavaa. Please also visit our Admissions page.

Inner Window: An OSS Adventure

Give to OSS. As a single-sex school, OSS is not eligible for state funding and relies on our community to embrace the future for OSS girls.

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The Boeing 737

Contact Director of Advancement Georgie Goulding, at ggoulding oursistersschool. Making Waves.

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  7. What's happening at OSS? I would aim for the window seat in the second exit row so I could stretch out my legs where the missing seat would be, but most models have a full set of six seats in each exit row. So how can I tell a without peaking inside? Alex told me to look at the tail.

    Welcome to the Oslo region

    Almost all commercial jets have a tail that rises at an angle off of the top of the fuselage. I have spent several months of my life inside these things, so I am a bit nostalgic about them. That, and the fact that this was the first jet that Wilbur and Orville Wright flew just adds to the historic nature of the flight. Okay, yes, these bad boys are old, so old that I swear one I flew in was powered by coal, but they have safely gotten me out and back many times.

    Both Sides Now appears on:

    They are narrower than a and the main cabin setup is two seats on the left and three on the right still with the single aisle. These are easy to pick out because they are roughly the size of a but the engines are mounted in the rear of the plane near the tail. This is something to think about when picking seats as the rear of the plane can get quite loud.

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    8. This is a wide body jet with a seat arrangement of two seats near the windows and two aisles with three seats between them. It has the same general proportions as a so I often have trouble telling them apart at a distance.

      Airplanes | Adventures in Open Source

      However, the lacks the little lead in fin of the tail and the fuselage comes to a point at the end that is a perfect cone. Every so often I end up in a This is a plane about the length of a but it is a narrow body aircraft with a similar seating arrangement to a with single aisle in the main cabin. I asked Alex how to tell the difference between it and a since they are roughly the same length, and he pointed out that the cockpit windows on a are lower than the windows in the main cabin. If a person could fit between the top of the plane and the top of those windows, you were looking at a wide body jet.

      If not, narrow body since windows are pretty much the same size on any commercial jet except for the Dreamliner which are larger.

      Frank Bessac, Scholar and Adventurer, Dies at 88

      This is my favorite plane of all time. I think it is beautiful and I love flying in it. Well, I love flying in it as long as I am not in the main cabin, which is has a whopping seat configuration that makes each row hold almost twice as many people as in a If I have to sit in the back I aim to be way back.

      After takeoff you can move all of your crap over there for easy access while having okay legroom. But my favorite place to sit is in the upper deck in business class with lay-flat seats. It is still the best thing to fly over the ocean in my opinion, with the possible exception of first class in …. You get your own little pod-thingie that can turn into a completely flat bed and even sports a guest chair if you want to sit and talk with someone across a table.