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Going and buying propane at the local CoOp store and taking it home with you to power your OWN power grid is no different than buying shoes. Once you buy the shoes you have no other connection to the store owner whatsoever. Is ISNT the electricity they are against They are not against electricity Personally, I am against ANY group that teaches superstition over scientific, methodologically discovered fact, however, they aren't nearly as vile as say, the Westboro Baptist Church, or even the Catholic church.

How Do They Generate Power?

With that said, I know the Amish take to heart, the Judeo-Christian value of "not being of the world", however, this is delusional thinking. If you live on this planet, the only way you're going to be really disconnected is to live on a secluded island. They do indeed use resources everyone else does, and to think otherwise is once again, delusional.

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I realize there are some sects that are a bit more accepting of modern convenience, and perhaps are less apt to fit what I've described, my issue with those groups is simply that they derive their beliefs from a place that isn't rational or logical. That's a different discussion. Don't take this criticism as intolerance. I tolerate them just fine, I'm very live and let live. But I'm sorry, public safety is more important than your myths. Your criticisms are valid, and as a Mennonite, I'd say this is mostly why I like my branch of Anabaptism best.

Hutterites are just scary. I think this article is aimed more for the people who have never met any Amish, who don't live anywhere near them. When you've got a people group that's as secluded as these, you get myths and stereotypes, and when this group of people isn't online, it just gets worse. For me, it's nice to read something that's accurate for once.

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Suggested speed signs are posted on corners and hills in Indiana anywhere from mph. Combination of Amish, deer, and cows. I don't know why people don't pay attention to those signs. Maybe because their insanely busy modern life doesn't allow them to slow down for their own safety or anyone else's. I have lived around Amish, and I'll take a buggies in my way if it still means that I can buy their baked goods!!!!! Seriously you think they're a road hazzard?

Bicycles have access to the roadways, and the buggies are no more hazard than bikes. When you're in Amish area drive slow. Soooooo take a cup of cat nip tea and chill out. I think in a way that I'm sad I was not brought up Amish I admire their work ethic and sense of community and respect for one another.

Living off the grid: Becoming self-sufficient

It's something you don't see much of anymore in the U. I don't live too close to Amish folks or Mennonites, but have shopped in a few of their stores and been to their communities and petted a few of their horses as I met them in town. Although I don't care for many of their ideas, their self sufficiency and innovation to live life the way they choose in the midst of our modern world is interesting and yes indeed folks could learn something from it. Our reliance on modern conveniences might not translate well to a world without them, so it never hurts to be aware and co-opt useful knowledge.

I personally believe we should strive to learn from all that goes on around us, even things we don't necessarily approve of. Knowledge is power. Idealize much? If you think this is limited to only the Amish, you are sadly mistaken. This goes on in all closed societies, communities, groups and sects, especially the ones that are sticking to the fundemental tenets of their religion. There are misguided people all over the world. Some are even living right next door to you and you don't even know it.

MIsguided people Someone who doesn't believe what we believe? That's pretty misguided. I'd say to be misguided is to participate or submit to beliefs that hurt you in some way.

Sounds like everybody in the U. They seem pretty darn happy and satisfied. I can't say that for modern Americans I couldn't live the Amish way of life, but I sure am not going to criticize them. They've got my respect. Amish population grows - their girls pump out kids Birth rates in western world are dropping We should learn from Amish - dumb down our girls with ideology and turn them into sows, into children producing machines. You're missing the point. I didn't say "live like the Amish", I wrote that we can learn from them.

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They are smart about preserving and developing their way of life. There is plenty of evidence that the rest of the world is not. The Amish women aren't like that at all, and they don't pop out children. Amish children do not have to stay in Amish society. They are free to go be an "Englisher" if they want, and they accept converts.

Photo: Jeffrey St. Mother Nature is in dire straits! Industrialization is poisoning our world, pulling the atmosphere out of balance and creating climate chaos. Industrialization, beginning in northern Europe in the 18 th century, needed armies of workers living near factories, so people were pushed off their land and whatever self-sufficiency they had was stripped from them. Life before was rarely a rural idyll — slavery, feudalism and war wrecked countless lives — but in the new era the poor in the industrializing countries had little option but to migrate to cities seeking work for derisory pay which barely kept their families in poverty.

Overcrowding and bad sewerage formed a hothouse for lethal epidemics, though these were nothing new either. They had plagued humanity since the growth of cities thousands of years ago. To avoid the nasty, brutish and short life in the factories of the Industrial Revolution, some people escaped to the colonies where many of its raw materials originated. Those who resisted faced death in colonial wars and massacres. It brought immense wealth to very few. Some also grasped to a theology which conveniently taught that they were closer to God than their slaves and workers. They had both a scientific and religious right to wealth and power.

Everything was given a price tag. It still is.

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Governments, their corporate backers and the media — all controlled by people from similar backgrounds — wage war against self-sufficiency. Their view of development is the prevailing global ideology.

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  • Taxable income is everything, the money is sucked upwards while those at the top find ways to pay little or nothing. Although most people have been shown the same dream of eternal growth, only a few ever enjoy it and many are stuck in grinding poverty. The dime-store explanations proffered for this are ahistorical and facile, the inequality is supposedly the result of quirks of geography, the spirit of discovery, democracy or the rule of law.