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The Official Film Companion. Downton Abbey: The Official Film Companion is a stunning memento, bringing the world and the characters of our favourite fictional country house to life. We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. By using our website you agree to our use of these cookies. Pretty good stuff. One year later, I did the same thing. Same time period. Same time of year.

Not 24 hundred. Just I do think the free giveaway promo has run its course as a viable strategy for getting up the rankings and making serious sales on there. As you say, the marketplace on there has become very crowded, prices have gone through the floor, and it all brings us back to the fundamentals of marketing: no matter what venue you plan to sell on, build your own audience.

Doing a multi-author 99c 1-day or 3-day sale.

Writing an eBook as a Freelancer – Why and how to do it in 5 Easy Steps!

THAT got the needle moving, I hit 1 ranks on a bunch of key lists, and it did result in some real sales after the price went up. As I say in the post — think collaboration for marketing! I have one question to ask you. Please shade more lights on this. I also mentioned you on the book. I read your post about your early days of blogging and how you started writing for Entrepreneur.

I was just talking about asking readers what they want. Great advice here.

How To Make A Full Time Income From Freelance Writing - Step By Step Guide

Glad Jon Morrow told me rather his subscribers about you. Jon was one of my very first mentors. It ended up happening to me times, where people came into my life who wanted to coach me, because they saw I had the seed of something really useful, but that I needed to learn a lot about blogging and how to communicate well online. They were trolling for case studies — something everyone should be aware of. Put out your most promising stuff, and you may attract mentors who see your potential. Great information on selling an ebook on the personal site.

It is great to work with co-authors so that the content is good. Thanks for the advice. As a writer and a marketing consultant, I LOVE your dedication to your audience and how that guides your decision-making. I believe you will remain way ahead with this focus. Just curious about your method of delivery when you sell from your own site. Is it a PDF or do you set up for use on an e-reader? I made a decision to take the time and cost to create all the formats. So we sell a zip-file bundle with the PDF, mobi and epub files, all together. I think a lot of writers are scared off by the technical end of taking control of their sales, but I consider it well worth it.

One of the many frustrations is that Amazon has NO easy way to get historical cumulative sales data. Serving through e-junkie can work well. At this point, we use Digital Access Pass for protecting our ebooks, because we use it for tracking Den memberships and already have it in place. I did those a couple of years ago, so would have to start all over learning how to set something up for an e-reader.

Being technologically challenged, I should find someone to help and advise before taking on a new project. Super helpful advice here, as usual, to see your process for writing books and earning more from writing.

Get PDF Self-publishing Books and Ebooks: Teach Yourself

It seemed like I needed a few months for those, to fit them into my schedule. But at this point, the production end of it is a machine, and costs are coming down. I have other things to sell, or I could spend more time marketing these ebooks!

I mean, some people make a full-time living off ONE book, by continuously marketing it…but I get bored and want to move on to the next thing. The big development my sales cycle has seen is the growth of presales. So we kept preselling for weeks. And we discovered that it kept selling! So now, I actually put my biggest emphasis on having a long presale period, and offering goodies to presale buyers.

This time, they got a free blog-review Webinar, and a discount on the previous ebook if they bought it in a bundle with the new one.

The best books for learning and mastering copywriting:

You learn a bit more selling each one — another reason to have multiple ebooks to sell. You get better at understanding how to sell to your audience without being annoying! Hey Karol, Thanks a lot for this guide. Being a freelance writer myself, I found this extremely useful and eye opening. Your blog post evoked a feeling in me that I can write an ebook. Thanks again. There are some amazingly mediocre ebooks out there! Namely, I like to give my subscribers lots of deals and sort of have a private party with them over the launch, before I send it off into the wider world.

Doing business on Amazon is very anonymous.

I sell my two e-books for freelance writers directly from my site. Software with DRM-cracking facilities?

A substantial part of the music-industry went broke by the peer-to-peer networks. You can use torrents to your advantage. Thanks a lot, very helpful info. I just watched the interview with BitTorrent, quite interesting too. Imho, the most valid argument you gave to go for ebooks is that they are here to stay. Even so, as you worked with BitTorrent, do you have any idea how many copies of the 4HC were illegally downloaded?

Is this roughly measurable? I wrote years on it and am now gradually focusing on ways to put it into the market and promote it. Great post! What are your thoughts on publishing outside the Kindle store as well?

Ebooks, Publishing, and Everything in Between

I run Digital Delivery App, which is basically a modern e-junkie, and we have a load of e-book publishers who sell via their own websites. Love this. I plan to start writing soon. Also, I would be very interested in learning how you built your supplement business back in the day. I have a few ideas about supplements but not sure how to start- legalities, manufacturing, etc.

How I Earned $45K Self-Publishing 10 E-Books: Top Takeaways

Amazon just recently started a more sophisticated cover creator. You can easily create a really nice cover in minutes. That sounds about right to me.