Manual Security Informatics: 9 (Annals of Information Systems)

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Mago, R. Frank, A. Reid and V. Dabbaghian, V.

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Mago, T. Wu, C. Fritz and A. Mago , R. Mehta, R. Woolrych and E. Jackson, A. Reid, N. Huitson, K.

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In Intl. Pinto, J.

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Borwein and V. Alimadad, V. Dabbaghian and D.

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  • security informatics 9 annals of information systems Manual.
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Spicer, J. Ginther, H.

The premier methodology journal in the field

Seifi, A. Mago , N. Bhatia, A. Bhatia and A.

Security Informatics 2010

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dblp: Annals of Information Systems

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Health information technology

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