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These steps are based on sound physiologic principles, yet require an elementary understanding of those principles on the part of the student. The pH of the arterial blood gas measurement identifies the disorder as alkalemic or acidemic. This step requires one to determine whether the disturbance effects primarily the arterial P a CO 2 or the serum HCO 3 -. A respiratory disturbance alters the arterial P a CO 2 normal value 40, range Go to step 3. A metabolic disturbance alters the serum HCO 3 - normal value 24, range Go to step 4.

Go to step 6. The calculation, however, has no practical value. A respiratory acidosis results from accumulation of PaCO 2 and a respiratory alkalosis results from hyperventilation or a low PaCO 2 specific causes of respiratory acidosis and alkalosis are listed in section IV. For acute disturbances a P a CO 2 variation from normal by 10 mm Hg is accompanied by a pH shift of approx.

Blood Gas Test: Purpose, Procedure, and Side Effects

A chronic disturbance reflects renal mediated HCO 3 - shifts. Renal compensation requires several hours to develop and is maximal after 4 days. Therefore during chronic disturbances, a P a CO 2 variation from normal of 10 is accompanied by a smaller pH shift of only 0. Also, the renal correction brings the pH back towards normal, but not completely. These relationships are spelled out in the following equations:. The anion gap calculation simplifies the diagnosis of the cause for a metabolic acidosis. What is the anion gap? The anion gap is the calculated difference between negatively charged anion and positively charged cation electrolytes, which are measured in routine serum assays.

Turned around, that difference or gap also can be viewed as the unmeasured anion concentration. The unmeasured anion concentration dominates the balance between the unmeasured serum anions and cations as illustrated in Table 2.

The unmeasured anions rarely change enough to effect anion gap interpretation. Knowledge of the unmeasured anions is not essential to the calculation of the anion gap. However, one needs to understand the concept in order to recognize the rare instances when the anion gap is not 12 for reasons other than a metabolic acidosis. These exceptions are listed at the end of this section.

The causes of an anion gap acidosis differ from those of a normal or non-anion gap acidosis see causes of metabolic acidosis in section IV. The anion gap determination is an excellent tool for narrowing the list of potential causes of a metabolic acidosis. The simple calculation is shown below. The calculation of the anion gap provides reliable data with the following rare exceptions One should come back to these later after one has a solid grasp of the six-step system for acid-base analysis :. Patients with a low serum albumin e.

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The reason is that albumin has many negative charges on its surface and accounts for a significant proportion of the unmeasured anions. Severe hypoalbuminemia may exhibit a normal anion gap as low as 4. Have a coupon or promotional code? Enter it here: When you buy this you'll get access to the ePub version, a downloadable PDF, and the ability to print the full article. Decrease sedation to allow spontaneous breathing 2. This is the percent of oxygen in the air inhaled. It is also useful to have access to any previous gases.

Interpret the oxygenation state of a patient using the reported arterial blood gas PaO2 value. Interpret the results of various arterial blood gas samples. ABG analysis can be easy! Test your knowledge on the web's most interactive blood gas learning tool. The authors recommend making several approaches www. If arterial O2 concentration is normal, indicate lung function is normal.

Lastly, examples will be presented with a systematic review of pertinent findings. ABG Made Easy. I want my free cheat sheet! Arterial blood ABG gives a good mixture of blood from various areas of the body.

8-Step Guide to ABG Analysis Tic-Tac-Toe Method

The goal is to facilitate learning of critical care medicine. A Primer on Arterial Blood Gas Analysis is a tutorial on how to interpret the results of arterial blood gas testing written by Andrew M. These presentations provides a introduction to arterial blood gas procedures, ABGs interpretation and 15 practice cases.

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Create New Account. It's your job to correctly interpret the ABG. And it is close to useless! SIMV Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation 2. ABG Southwest offers its clients state-of-the art enrollment books. Her pH value is within the normal range which made the result fully compensated. It is made worse by the printouts generated by recent microprocessors. Many nomograms are available for easy interpretation of ABG but confusing and are not user friendly. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Deckdrain is easily attached to the wall with the lower end wrapped around the perforated drainage pipe. Is the CO2 normal? There are three degrees of AV block, in the second degree, there are two types. Memorize the normal values. The investigation is relatively easy to perform and yields information that can guide the management of acute and chronic illnesses.

Mambo Influenciado Chucho Valdes. What is an ABG? To make things simple, I will only refer to the three basic ABG values in this post. When one thinks of ABG analysis, oxygenation may come to mind first. Cell buffering that acts within minutes to hours 2.

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Answer: B. Identify the relationship between oxygen saturation and PaO2 as it relates to the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve. I'd be happy to help. It is also important to know WHY the patient was placed on ventilatory support as this will help you assess you patient and notify providers for any possible needed changes in settings. Arterial Blood gases Made Easy 2nd Edition.


Now, is it respiratory or is it metabolic? This primer describes a clinical approach to interpreting arterial blood gases.

ABG nomogram. Just click the button below to download that cheat sheet. PaO2 The partial pressure of oxygen that is dissolved in arterial blood The normal range is I really appreciate your time posting this. David Woodruff , views. One can use the Siggaard-Andersen nomogram to estimate base excess or deficit. Increase T-Low by 0. Interpret ABGs in the easiest possible way with this witty technique.

CPAP Continuous positive airway pressure 3. This article illustrates the use of the stepwise approach, tables, figures, case studies, illustrations, computer-based learning modules, and the tic-tac-toe approach. In each folder the following items can be found: 1.