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Jack Pointer May 24, , PM. Share This: share on facebook share on twitter share via email print. As an assistant, Bill Yoast and head coach Herman Boone led the Titans to an undefeated season and Virginia state title, some years after the high school integrated in The team's success served as a beacon of unity, both for the school community and Alexandria.

The school system then tweeted an encouragement for others to share their memories of Yoast.

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Related News. Search for permanent shelter for unaccompanied migrant kids in Northern Va. This weekend allows you to practice your coaching techniques across the board, with clients you can coach in a supervised environment. You may also be asked to give presentations on the spur of the moment.

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These techniques will help you to practice your flexibility, adaptability and creativity…which are all character traits of highly successful people. The Ultimate Boardroom Strategy Meeting. Imagine being able to harness the power of up to 20 intelligent like-minded professionals, all focussing on the one business? Now imagine bringing together everything you have learnt, taught and practiced over the past 12 months into the ultimate brainstorming and strategy session, combined with valuable presentations on important topics such as maximising staff results, values and communication.

During the ultimate boardroom strategy session, business owners will present their businesses with their greatest concerns about moving forward profitably in the business. Usually, these issues are around growth, time, team, business, structure, marketing and or money. We will scrutinise their business issues and then brainstorm other opportunities together-harnessing the power, experience and creativity of thought of all the coaches together.

All focussing on the one business. Coaches will provide business owners with a skeleton plan of how to move forward as well as with ideas of tapping into other opportunities that they may not have thought of. This really is the ultimate strategy weekend. Are you ready for a steady stream of referral business?

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After this, once a high level of competence has been achieved you will then have the opportunity to become part of my coaching team, where you can enjoy a steady stream of referral business via The Conscious Coaching Collective Referral Programme. Are you ready to make a real difference? She asked if I would be interested during my senior year in college. Kristin had also coached me at Niagara so we knew each-other pretty well. She also hired me because she said I balanced her out. I realized now how important that is when building a staff. Personally, I have to say my mom and my twin sister, Allisa.

I wanted to be a teacher because of my mom and now I get to teach something I am very passionate about. My sister Allisa and I played both hockey and lacrosse together in college and she is one of the most unselfish people I know. I use her as an example when I am looking for players that are great teammates. You are the only one in your shoes. No one can tell you what is best for you so do what makes you happy.

Overcoming Challenges as a Coach

If you need something different, go for it. I have coached at 5 different schools and with 5 different staffs. The only reason I have left one place to try something new is the opportunity to learn and grow. Most of the changes were scary at first because they were well out of my comfort zone and each move meant leaving something great behind but every move was what was best for my career. I have learned from so many great coaches.

Remember the Titans - Soul of a Man Speech (HD & Sub)

I like to ask questions and listen to ideas. Sharing drills with other coaches or new ways to teach and motivate players is so interesting. I need to become a better reader. That is my goal this summer. I try to workout 6 days a week. It takes my mind off of work and makes me feel good.

Virginia football coach memorialized in 'Remember the Titans' dies at age 94 | WJLA

I also like traveling and visiting with my friends and family. I need to make more room for the traveling. I am working on checking a few more items off of my bucket list. Enjoy the process. Often times as coaches we get caught up in focusing on what is next that we forget to take time to be present.

Similar to the previous question the only thing I can think of is enjoying the process. During some really successful seasons, I was only able to realize how great they were as I was reflecting on them. I personally feel that I had very little success athletically. I had a lot of aspirations, but lacked the confidence to pursue them.

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As a coach, I have tried to turn this around by seeking out opportunities for my athletes to compete at a high level even if it means not being the best. Once you see what it takes to get to the top, you can develop a plan and being around like-minded others who want to compete and train at a high level will make you a better person as well. Iron sharpens iron! I consider my greatest accomplishment as a coach being a mentor for young women and helping them to the paths they want to take in life. The people that truly care for you will not only lend a hand but support you in any way they can.

My mother is undoubtedly the greatest female influence on my life and coaching career. She knows very little about the sport but has shown me that passion and enthusiasm are great ways to get started with any job. I continue to learn and grow by attending conferences, seeking out mentors, and consulting my peers. It would be easy to want to keep information to yourself to try to get ahead, but in my experience when you are able to connect with people on a personal level you get a lot further.

Outside of coaching, I enjoy time spent with family and friends, reading, biking, and exploring the city of Philadelphia! Enjoy the little things. When the season is over, those are the moments I miss the most. No way! Every opportunity, bad or good, is a learning experience. Over the past year it has been tough seeing the strongest woman I know, my mother, battle metastatic breast cancer.

Receiving news of the cancer being stage 4 at the time of her initial diagnosis left me feeling lost and in despair. However, watching how she has dealt with every up and down along the way with such poise and positivity has helped me to realize life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Take nothing for granted and live life to the fullest. Keys to success: surround yourself with good people; culture is everything! Build a championship culture on and off the court. My greatest accomplishment as a coach was winning the WNIT Championship in just my 3rd year as a head coach. We had the biggest turnaround in program history; from winning 6 games in to winning 24 games in Joan Bonvicini- she took a chance on me as a young, underrated high school player, and developed me into an All-American.

Work hard; go after your goals; set the bar high; be willing to do anything on and off the court. I study the game; talk to other head coaches that are more successful and seasoned; use my inner circle for advice. Time with my family! I would have made some better decisions earlier in my coaching career. Thank you for honoring me!! My love for coaching and this profession is the opportunity to use our sport to further our women as students, athletes, leaders, and future professionals.

When our primary goal is their all-around development and instilling habits that lead to excellence, the games will take care of themselves and we graduate women confident and ready to take on their next challenge in life. My greatest joy in coaching is getting to have a front row seat watching players accomplish goals they never believed possible both on and off the court.

Every coach must find their own way to manage the stress and pressure of our professions. It took several years to find a healthy strategy, which started with a significant mental shift of remembering why I coach and being grateful to work in such a rewarding and meaningful career.

Men's Teams

I am grateful and lucky to have worked with and for many strong women! My first example of coaching excellence and empowering women came from my high school volleyball coaches, Beth Elwood and Sue Fetzer. Find ways to contribute and build relationships outside of the athletic offices.