Guide The Foundations of A Nation Volume Four: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Speaks on Freemasonry

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They have sworn oaths not to reveal, what they call, secrets.

Warith Deen Mohammed (b. Wallace Delaney Muhammad) (1933-2008)

It just so happen that the "secrets" they are bound by oaths to keep secret, just happen to be the truths to free you and I from our grave of ignorance. In the above passage, they weren't voting or deliberating on whether or not the truth was going to be revealed, they were deliberating on how to destroy our capacity to see light at all - ever. This action might not be possible to undo.

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Create a List. The Secrets of Freemasonry by Elijah Muhammad.

Elijah Muhammad

Summary "We must become aware of the knowledge of self and the time in which we are living. Fard wrote, in his instructions to the leaders of his community, that they should "copy the Answers of Lesson of Minister Elijah Muhammad. And those who follow the Apostle would see the Light. Fard wrote several lessons which are read and committed to memory by members of the Nation of Islam.

Fard, which contains 40 questions answered by Elijah Muhammad, one of the lost found in the wilderness of North America February 20th, The black men in North America are not Negroes, but members of the lost tribe of Shabazz, stolen by traders from the Holy City of Mecca years ago. The prophet came to America to find and to bring back to life his long lost brethren, from whom the Caucasians had taken away their language, their nation and their religion. Here in America they were living other than themselves.

They must learn that they are the original people, noblest of the nations of the earth. The Caucasians are the colored people, since they have lost their original color. The original people must regain their religion, which is Islam, their language, which is Arabic, and their culture, which is astronomy and higher mathematics, especially calculus.

They must live according to the law of Allah, avoiding all meat of "poison animals", hogs, ducks, geese, possums and catfish.

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They must give up completely the use of stimulants, especially liquor. They must clean themselves up — both their bodies and their houses. If in this way they obeyed Allah, he would take them back to the Paradise from which they had been stolen — the Holy City of Mecca. Fard's lessons actually state that the "trader" referenced by Beynon, came to Africa, not Mecca.

Modern Nation of Islam theology is based upon the belief that Fard's teaching of Elijah Muhammad was fulfillment of scripture regarding God's teaching of an Apostle, where Fard is described as "God in Person", the " Messiah ", and the " Mahdi ".

enter In his book Message to the Blackman in America , which is a compilation of articles written by Elijah Muhammad for various newspapers throughout the early part of his Ministry, he summarized what Fard taught him as follows:. He began teaching us the knowledge of ourselves, of God and the devil, of the measurement of the earth, of other planets, and of the civilization of some of the planets other than earth.

He measured and weighed the earth and its water; the history of the moon; the history of the two nations, black and white, that dominate the earth. He gave the exact birth of the white race; the name of their God who made them and how; and the end of their time, the judgment, how it will begin and end. He taught us the truth of how we were made "slaves" and how we are kept in slavery by the "slave-masters " ' children.

He declared the doom of America, for her evils to us was past due. And that she is number one to be destroyed.

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Her judgment could not take place until we hear the truth. He declared that we were without the knowledge of self or anyone else. How we had been made blind, deaf and dumb by this white race of people and how we must return to our people, our God and His religion of peace Islam , the religion of the prophets.

We must give up the slave names of our slave-masters and accept the name of Allah God or one of His divine attributes. He also taught us to give up all evil doings and practices and do righteousness or be destroyed from the face of the earth. He taught us that the slave-masters had taught us to eat the wrong food and that this is the cause of our sickness and short span of life.

He declared that he would heal us and set us in heaven at once, if we would submit to Him. Otherwise he would chastise us with a severe chastisement until we did submit. And that He was able to force the whole world into submission to his will.

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He said that he loved us the so-called Negroes , his lost and found, so well that he would eat rattlesnakes to free us if necessary, for he has power over all things. He also held anti-Hindu sentiments , scholar A. Fard, as a Muslim in what was to become Pakistan , bore an irrepressible prejudice against Hindus". Fard and his teachings are also referenced in many hip-hop songs.

Artists who have made references within their music include: Jay-Z "I'm going to chase the Yacub back in the cave" [49] , Jay Electronica "Lost tribe of Shabazz stylin' on the record", "The son of W. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Founder of the Nation of Islam.

This article is about the founder of the Nation of Islam. He is not to be confused with Warith Deen Mohammed. Mosque Maryam in Chicago.

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Satokata Takahashi. Beliefs and theology.

Muslim Leader W.D. Mohammed Dies

Offshoots and sects. Related organizations. Authors have subsequently attributed a text of this title to Fard. See Evanzz, supra at However, Fard's lessons were individually written lessons later compiled in a single publication. See Muhammad Language attributed to Fard by author Karl Evanzz does not appear in any of the individually written lessons. Founder, Wallace D. Fard born".

The Foundation Years of A Plain Understanding of the Dissatisfaction Between Black The Divine Sayings of Elijah Everything Was Going So Well Jesus Elijah Muhammad Author The True History of Jesus' Police Brutality Elijah Muhammad Author Creators Elijah Muhammad.

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