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There is nothing wrong with the things I listed above, but there is something even more important that needs to come before we can attain all of those things. Your spiritual life will determine your character, your perspective, and the way you relate to the world. Before moving on to create personal success and growth, you must first understand the value of feeding your spirit.

21 Ways to Build a Stronger Spiritual Life

Discover more of who God is and how He made you is a great way to understanding who you are. We do that in a few ways: 1. In an article on Desiring God , they talked about becoming what we eat. Obviously, if we eat junk, we feel like junk. Hope in the fact that we are loved, valuable, and that we can change. The promise is not invalid.

Before we can access the promise of Psalm we must change our spiritual circumstances. The Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. What an incredible promise! What a simple qualifying condition. Just walk uprightly. Because sin has infected our hearts. Sin is the enemy of righteousness. Righteousness enables us to walk uprightly with God, but sin displaces righteousness from our hearts.

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There is a straightforward solution to our problem. Learn to follow righteousness. We all can do this simply by learning to recognize the principles of righteousness of the Kingdom of God, and then by altering the way we conduct our lives to bring our lives into conformity with those principles.

If we apply ourselves to the task of learning to conduct our lives in accordance with the principles of righteousness of the Kingdom of God, instead of routinely violating those principles, righteousness will inhabit our hearts. It will also displace the sin that prevents us from walking uprightly, thereby bringing the promise of Psalm 11 within our reach.

Beyond Our Reach

Here are some spiritual facts that help us understand why maintaining a constant posture of faith is so important: Faith is the substance that, when mixed with the Word of God, releases the power of the Word of God into our lives. Without faith to release it into our lives, the power of the Word of God remains dormant. However, if we do not extend our faith to touch and mix with the Word of God, the power resident in the Word of God is not released into our lives. Once we understand the significance of these spiritual facts, it becomes evident that learning to maintain a constant posture of faith toward God is a game-changer in our spiritual journey.

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When we have learned to maintain a constant posture of faith, the power of the Word of God will be released wherever we go, because the Word of God is with us everywhere we go. So, how do we find a constant supply of faith to mix with the Word of God?

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In any relationship, hearing only takes place when we hear from the perspective of our relational partner. This simple relational principle presents a particularly difficult challenge when applied to our relationship with God. God has always lived in eternity, and His perspective has always been an eternal perspective. We, however, are temporal, and our perspective is a temporal perspective. Absolutely amazing things happen when we remedy this spiritual deficiency.

Our faith attracts the Word of God to us. An increase in the flow of the Word of God in our lives produces a corresponding increase in the level of faith formation in our hearts. As a result, over time, we become able to maintain a constant posture of faith. There are two beneficial results of these changes. The strength and stability of our personal walk with our Lord steadily increases. Instead of experiencing an erratic series of highs and lows, our spiritual journey becomes a path of steady upward progress. As a consequence, our ability to minister to other people in the ways God has called us also improves as well.

Our faith encourages others to have faith. These are some of the ways that applying ourselves to developing personal spiritual strength encourages and benefits those with whom we share the journey. The question above makes an assumption.

It assumes that you have already decided you want to have a relationship with God. It assumes that you may not have thought carefully about what kind of relationship you want to have with God.

Clarifying what kind of relationship you want to have with God, and then taking effective steps to develop that relationship are the turning points of personal spiritual growth. Unfortunately for some of us, our spiritual journey ends with getting our needs met, but not all of us are content to stop there.

Some of us are gripped by a holy discontent. We want more of God. The great divide among those who seek God is between those who want to get something from Him, and those who want to know God and be known by Him. Relationships based on knowing work very differently than relationships based on getting something from your relational partner.

Things work differently when the objective of the relationship is knowing and being known, because the only way to achieve your objective is to spend time lots of time building the relationship. Time spent together is the only path to knowing and being known. David understood this.

But if you are like David, and find that your heart is gripped by a desire to know God and to be known by Him, we can help you find your way into that relationship with Him. They will die in the wilderness. One of the most emphatic promises in the entire bible is found in Proverbs 8: 17 -- "I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. But what does it mean to seek God early?

First of all, it means early in the day dawn. This part of the definition corroborates the story of the manna, which is symbolic of the Word of God which is the bread of life, which is found in Exodus, chapter The Israelites were directed to gather it every morning. If they waited too long, they had no food that day because the heat of the sun caused the manna to melt away. Secondly, early means that you put your heart into it earnestness. The third thread of meaning is that you do it in a painstaking way.

That is, you take great care to do in an effective manner; that you do it in the prescribed way, not haphazardly or in a different way that you might find more appealing. These are the ways in which we seek God early. Seeking God early is the first step in learning to walk uprightly with God. Play Video learn more. Our relationship with God presents a peculiar impediment to developing the spiritual skill of hearing.

He is eternal, but we are temporal. When He speaks, He speaks from His eternal perspective. This is not hearing. This does not come naturally to any of us. Filtering God's word through our temporal perspective whenever it comes to us causes us to live with a chronic spiritual disability.

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  • We lack proficiency in the essential spiritual skill called hearing. This disability produces a chronic, debilitating poverty of faith in the souls of most Christians, because hearing is the agent of faith formation in our hearts. They know they lack faith, and want to do something about it. What they fail to realize is that the way to fix their faith problem is to address their hearing deficiency. That kind of hearing involves much more than simply being aware when the word of God comes to you.