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Property Valuation and Property Prices.

The Power of Supply and Demand - Thinking Tools and Case Studies for Students and Professionals

Beyond Supply and Demand. The Theory of the Firm. The Economic Analysis of Law. Listening Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to inform marketing strategy. Collaboration Automation View All Features. Find a Sprout Agency Partner Hire an agency partner to enhance your marketing efforts or grow your team. Learn About Our Integration Partners Sprout integrates with social platforms and digital tools that matter to your business.

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The initial focus is on lead generation instead of education. This is about showing people you exist, which is much more top-of-funnel than lead generation.

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    Sign Up. The rural market has attained significance as the overall growth of the economy has resulted into substantial increase in the purchasing power of the rural communities. In this context India's vast untapped rural market present a huge market growth potential for the companies, especially in a market landscape where competition is growing very fast.

    However, extending the marketing activities in rural areas is quite challenging in the entirely different and complex set of business environment as compared to urban areas. Therefore, there is a pressing need to understand the factors that drive business and to recognize business opportunities and to mitigate business risks in rural India. The present programme is designed to facilitate the participating management executives in better understanding of the specific issues of rural marketing. Nalini Prava Tripathi,. Project finance involves the creation of a legally independent project company financed with equity from one or more sponsoring firms and nonrecourse debt for the purpose of investing in a capital asset.

    The most common applications are in the natural resource mines, pipelines, and oil fields and infrastructure toll roads, bridges, telecommunications systems, and power plants sectors. Appraising and financing such large projects therefore call for specialized skills and techniques, for project sponsors, banks, and investors in infrastructures, project bondholders and public authorities that are different from other finance applications. To enable the participants to understand how project finance is different from that corporate finance. Investment professionals, members of the corporate finance or strategic planning departments, transaction advisors, investment bankers, commercial bankers, consultants to investors, research analysts, bankers, money managers.

    The program will cover various facets of financial management and financial reporting and an insight on how to convert the real world applications in Excel Spreadsheet Model. Indicative list of contents include Annual Statements, Valuation, Project finance and other relevant contemporary issues. Executives from corporate and government sector, professionals and research scholars in the area of finance, banking or accounting. In the need to building a stronger Nation, effective delivery of Public Services is a challenge which our country has to resolve to be able to take on any further movement in the growth trajectory.

    The same is also required to balance out the quantum jump which the private sector has made in terms of building high performing work systems for superior financial and overall performances. Public Policy and its Delivery needs certain newer tools for national development. The program aims to facilitate the participants with learning of such tools and methods by which the efficacy of their overall services delivery could be matched up to their levels best. Managerial decisions are often based on analysis of data, and this trend is growing by the day.

    In God we trust, rest is data — as the saying goes. Most of these data are useless unless someone analyzes them to discover actionable knowledge.

    This is where Business Analytics come in. Business Analytics is the analysis of data, most of the time resulting in formation of predictive models, which allows the communication of these results to customers, business partners, and colleague executives for effective decision-making. Data Mining, a tool for Business Analytics, has thus become a rapidly growing field where new techniques are developed to assist managers to make intelligent use of vast data repositories to derive useful information. A number of successful applications have been developed using data mining tools in the areas like customer relationship management, credit rating, fraud detection, etc.

    This 5 day program intends to expose the participants to Business Analytics as a concept and deal with different data mining algorithms and techniques so that they can decide on their suitability for various business problems. The major focus of this will be to understand the use of the algorithms for specific business situations. However, while getting into these algorithms, the course intends to take an action oriented approach — thus it does not intend to delve into the theoretical details of the same.

    Prior exposure to programming will be beneficial, expertise in programming not required. The course is developed in order to make understand the future policy implications and business logic for making environment and sustainability as the core component for corporate environment and business strategy. Management scholarship based on cutting age thinking and business practices need to relook their business providence and understand the critical linkages between industrial activities and ecosystem health and the growing challenges.

    Thus the present program will enable the senior and Middle management Executives to understand the reality of environmental challenges for their business and how to address those challenges through various tools, techniques and strategies with practical examples for gaining competitive advantages and thereby to become the champion in the field.

    Senior and middle management executives of the business organization.

    Supply and Demand in Health-Care Markets

    Programs to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic business environment. Programs to meet continuous learning needs of Corporates and Academia. D Admissions. Faculty Research and Publications. NIRF Data. Management Development Programs Gogoi The Programme will provide a broad perspective of retail environment, customer relationship and retail operations. Program specific objectives To understand the retail environment To manage customers and employees To manage the retail store To understand retail operations To manage the store environment.

    Response to Price

    Rohit Joshi With the dynamically changing scenario, the enterprises are essentially calling for increasingly rapid returns on investment and customers showing a preference for personalization and convenience over price. Target Audience: The programme is primarily targeted at Managers, Supervisors and Administrators, who are responsible for planning, executing, monitoring and control of activities in their enterprises. Rohit Joshi The proposed certificate programme aims at enhancing the knowledge base of the practitioner and academicians to handle the complex models in data analysis in management.

    Correlation Analysis: Simple, Partial and Mulitple. Multivariate analysis-I: Factor analysis, Cluster analysis, Discriminant analysis and applications. Target Audience The programme is designed for those Practitioners and Academicians who are interested in learning a structured approach to engage their multifunctional teams and peers in effective Project Planning, execution and solution approaches within the framework of complex business challenges.

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    Target Audience: Leaders in governance. Selection and prioritization of solutions for the validated causes including concept of risk analysis, developing plan for pilot and full scale implementation. Development of the process control plans, Evaluation and monitoring mechanism SPC , process audits, comparison of results after well as implementation of the solutions, institutionalization and integration of the solutions, project closure. Target Audience The Certificate programme is designed for those Practitioners and Academicians who are interested in learning a structured approach to engage their multifunctional teams and peers in effective problem definition and solution approaches for complex business challenges.

    Customer driven approach meeting, exceeding SLA requirements 4. Develop skills among Participants to analyze and conclude data based decision 3. Sanjoy Mukherjee We are living in a time that is passing through turbulence and turmoil where old orders and concepts are being increasingly challenged for creating a more humane environment. Sanjoy Mukherjee The specific learning objectives can be listed as to Rohit Joshi Projects are temporary endeavors undertaken to create a new product or a service, which involves large capital investments.

    Learning Objectives: Often organizations end up wasting a lot of time and resources drafting unsuccessful proposals by staff not duly equipped to translate the needs of the organization into project proposals attractive to the fund providers. The broad objectives are: To understand arts and artifacts of preparation of project proposal To design, plan, implement, and monitor projects in a more consistent, reliable and predictable manner To acquire a range of practical tools which will enable them to better manage projects To familiarize with methods and procedures of project finance To understand the most useful Monitoring and Evaluation tools To understand how to adapt their own project to the requirements of stakeholders To enhance their skills to draft a sound proposal using the log frame as a basis To identify common project failure and success factors and tying them with the processes To understand IT enabled Project Management Enhancement, Project automation systems To provide an insight into project leadership and project risk management To get an insight into a structured Project Closure with Detailed Project Report.

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    Neelam Rani Corporate Governance is the buzz of modern corporate world.