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In a match 10 players are divided into two teams with each player controlling their chosen hero. Each hero has a basic attack, 3 abilities and an ultimate. Heroes complete objectives to collect gold like killing minions, towers or enemy heroes. As a hero collects more gold they can buy items from the shop. Items allow a hero to get more powerful by giving their hero better attributes such as power, attack speed, health and more. Alpha Heroes Feng Mao - A melee Fighter capable of engaging enemies at range and diving enemy back lines with his teleport, combined with his ultimate Feng Mao is great at bursting down high priority targets.

Understanding Predecessors

Gadget - A ranged Caster who uses her engineered robots to control areas as well as denying large areas with her ultimate. Muriel - A ranged Support who specializes in shielding and peeling for her allies, especially the damage dealers. Use your ultimate to fly across the map and save allies, turning team fights around in seconds. Murdock - A ranged Carry who relies on the power of his rifle to deal the majority of his damage. Laying down the law, Murdock is perfect for taking out single targets and if they manage to slip away he has a global ultimate capable of taking down low health targets.

Sevarog - A melee Tank that drains the souls of his enemies to grow in power. Sevarog is perfect for isolating targets and his abilities provide him with a variety of ways to control fights.

Predecessor is a third person MOBA currently in Development.

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Sign in Sign in to add your own tags to this product. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Support Forums Stats. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. VAT included in all prices where applicable. View mobile website. For more information on enforcing predecessors, see Enforcing Predecessors. Lags: You can built lags in your dependencies which create a delay that must occur after the completion of a predecessor task and before the successor task can begin.

To understand lag types, see Understanding Lag Types. The dependency type is Finish-Start-Enforced with a lag time of 3 days. In the project timeline, this task shows as starting 3 workdays after task 1 is finished. Note: The enforced value e must be added to the Lag, not to the predecessor. To view information about the predecessors of your tasks, you can build a task view or report and display information about the predecessor in that view.

For more information about building a customized view for tasks with predecessor information, see View: Predecessor Details.

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Workfront Experience. Information Article Body. Understanding Predecessors Creating Predecessor Relationships Finding the Predecessors of a Task Understanding Predecessor Relationships Viewing Predecessor Information Understanding Predecessors Understanding predecessor functionality is important for understanding of the timelines in your projects.

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  • When it comes to predecessors, the project timeline is impacted by Predecessor dependency Lag value and type For more information on both dependency and lags, see Understanding Predecessor Relationships. To establish predecessor relationships by chaining tasks, see Create Predecessor Relationships by Chaining Tasks.

    To establish cross-project predecessors, see Understanding Cross-Project Predecessors. Finding the Predecessors of a Task To find the predecessors of a task do one of the following things: Go to the project you are working on. Find the task of which you want to find the predecessors and click the task. Click the Predecessors tab. Or Go to the project you are working on. Click the Tasks tab. Choose the Standard View at the top of the task list.

    Understanding Predecessors

    Understanding Predecessor Relationships To understand predecessor relationships, you must understand: Dependency Types: Predecessors are linked by various dependency types. For more information on dependency types, see Understanding Dependency Types.

    The dependency type is Finish-Start. In the project timeline, this task is scheduled to start immediately after task 1 is finished.

    The Predecessor