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It is sponsored by 10 Catholic lay groups seeking change in the Church, including greater rights for women and gays and a bigger role for the laity.

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At a news conference on Oct. Backing also came from Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich, president of the German Bishops Conference and one of the most influential Catholic leaders in Europe. It is high time. The Holy See, as the offices of the central administration of the 1. About are women.

Vatican gets its first women's football team - The Local

Of the approximately 60 departments in the Holy See, about 10 must be headed by priests because they deal with governance and jurisdiction over other ordained ministers or other sensitive doctrinal matters, the Church says. Francis has promised to put more women in senior roles in those other 50 departments.

But more than five years after he was elected, there are only six women in such roles. Five are lay women and one is a nun. None of them heads a department.

Vatican participates for first time at UN women’s leadership event

The Vatican Museums, which are part of the State of Vatican City, are headed by Barbara Jatta, the first woman to hold the high-profile post which oversees nearly 1, employees. Sister Maria Luisa Berzosa Gonzalez, one of the participants at the current synod, thinks it is time for change - in the synod, and in the wider Church. The Spanish nun, whose energy belies her 75 years, has dedicated her life to educating the poor and underprivileged in Spain, Argentina and Italy and is still going strong. It should no longer be this way. Berzosa, who took her vows in , said she supports a female priesthood, a position not very common among nuns her age.

Vatican gets its first women's football team

The Church teaches that women cannot become priests because Jesus chose only men as his apostles. According to the Herald Sun in March , there were only 32 females out of citizens issued with Vatican passports.

One of them was a nun. In , Worldcrunch had reported that there were two South American women, three Swiss women, two Polish women, and some Italian women. As of February , the majority of the women were from Italy. Among the women who lived in Vatican City was one of the daughters of an electrician, who later got married and "lost her right to live" in the city. Among the women who have citizenship in Vatican City, there is one officer in the military, two teachers one teaches in high school, the other teaches in kindergarten , and one academic.

Women obtain Vatican City citizenship by marriage as a baptized Catholic to their husbands; however such citizenship "lasts only for the duration of their stay" in Vatican City. Her name is Ingrid Stampa. In addition to this, L'Osservatore Romano - the daily newspaper in Vatican City - is now publishing supplementary pages that address women's issues.

Women and men visiting St. Low cut or sleeveless clothing, shorts, miniskirts and hats for men, indoors are not allowed. Women may or may not wear the traditional "black hat or veil".

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Dress code for Papal audiences is somewhat more formal. Vatican City is the only country in Europe with no voting or electoral rights, including no voting rights for women. The Pope , who serves as the head of state , is elected by the College of Cardinals of the Catholic Church. Cardinals in the Catholic Church are required, as of now, to be male, with voting Cardinals generally always Bishops, and only men are eligible to be elected Pope.

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With that being said, however, the cardinalate is a privilege and office bestowed by the Pope; it is not a separate, fourth degree of Holy Orders, along with deacon, priest, and Bishop, though it ranks above them, so theoretically, the laws could be amended to allow for women to be Cardinals, though that is very unlikely currently. Vatican City is one of two sovereign states that do not allow divorce , the other being the Republic of the Philippines.

Catholic nuns accused of sexual misconduct

Vatican City is one of five countries worldwide that ban abortion completely, even if the mother's life is in danger. In September , Vatican authorities approved the creation of Donne in Vaticano , the first women-only association of the Vatican. The members of the association are journalists, theologians, and economists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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