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Who knew that it had a long way to go before it died out? We tried to find that part of it that was really about Elena trying to learn how to live again. And it worked. It really worked.

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And in a weird way, the whole show was my Stefan. With a script ready to go, Williamson and Plec starting meeting with potential directors. I will meet them anywhere, anytime. I think I just hit a chord with both Kevin and Julie. And within another two weeks I had the job. She was dead inside, and he was just dead. I remember it was a big whirlwind and we had to decide which one to go do.

So she went back and put herself on tape and had her reps re-submit the tape and asked us to take a second look.

We did and it was just undeniable at that point that she was the one. So she basically booked the role off of her self-tape after, in her mind, blowing her first audition. They wanted to keep me in the dark because they wanted to keep me on my toes and they made me keep auditioning over and over again with multiple guys.

They sent me the script for The Vampire Diaries , and I knew immediately that the show was going to be a hit because it was Kevin Williamson. It was one of those auditions that everyone was vying for, all the young actors were vying for Damon and Stefan because they were such breakout roles. I actually think I tested for another show. PLEC: Stefan was the hardest to find. So you really need a true actor.

She kept shoving me down their throats. PLEC: We pushed production at least once, and we were in danger of being less than a week away from shooting and having no male lead and ultimately — and quite famously — we were sort of pressured into casting Paul Wesley against our desires, which of course means everybody knew way better than us and that we almost missed out on the most perfect piece of casting.

SIEGA: I had Nina come to my house with a couple of the guys that we were considering and one of them, unbeknownst to me at the time, was her real-life boyfriend. Everyone had flown out. They basically knew they needed to cast this role within a matter of three days and so they not leaving any stone unturned. I was trying to get a vibe: who did I have the most sexual tension with? I saw her looking at me trying to say hello and I refused to even make eye contact with her. And it sounds a little pretentious and actor-y but the scene we were doing for the chemistry read was the first time we ever met, it was our first conversation, and I wanted her to meet me for the first time in the room during the audition so that it was real.

The Vampire's Desire (Vampire, #1) by Alexis Morgan

Damon knew how to hold a grudge, deliver an enigmatic one-liner, and wear a John Varvatos T-shirt better than anyone else in Mystic Falls or on TV. I fell off the map for sure. I did really well in my studio test, which was fun. And then I bombed my first network test. The first take I did was awful. The network wanted somebody else. It was split.

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You gotta do this. They were all leaning toward this other actor, who will remain nameless, who I just refused to consider. I just would not go down that road. This is your part, it really is. Please trust me on this.

Klaroline, TVD S05E11

With a completed cast, everyone headed up to Vancouver to begin production on what was one of the most highly anticipated pilots of the year. That was literally day one, scene one. The crow had to be a digital element but we needed something to hit the windshield and we had done a bunch of tests and everything we tried looked bad to me. I knew that the studio and the network had a lot riding on this thing and you felt the pressure while shooting. Everyone was there. The CW gave us these little cameras so we could shoot behind-the-scenes things and we have hours of footage of us doing crazy things and having the best time of our lives.

It was almost like this really weird little magic, a practical magic. It was nothing more than a white board that bounced the light into our eyes but it was very subtle and on camera it almost gave off this eery, other-worldly sense that something had happened, some connection had occurred. I felt like this was a big, epic romance and it should look like a big, epic romance. PLEC: Sitting there at the monitors when he picks the leaf out of her hair, it just was instant magic.

It became very obvious that the right decision had been made [in casting Paul].

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When he stepped into the role of Stefan, he just sort of miraculously and immediately made all our hearts go pitter patter. So they were able to spark to each other quickly. It was a fitting for our fangs. It was very cool, we met, we gave each other a hug. Here we go. Casting a show is a risk.

But that was my audition scene and I worked on that scene hundreds of times to get it where that character had all those layers and flavors. It was all there. They really did a good job with that. Ultimately, their brotherly love-and-hate relationship is probably the most interesting thing. They had killed each other, they love each other, they hate each other, they fight over the same girl. That was one of the most complex relationships in terms of depth and layers.

That relationship got off the ground quickly … literally. Wire stunts.

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Once picked up, the series moved from Vancouver to Atlanta and did away with any sort of wire work. I just think it looks cartoony. Even though the pilot works, it does feel like a little hysterically dated in a way, whereas the show feels more timeless. PLEC: [Losing wire work after the pilot] was born out of logic for me. Kevin liked to keep things as grounded as possible, as did I.

Vampire's Desire

A television series based on L. The premise is pretty much the same: high school student Elena Gilbert gets entangled with her new classmate, Stefan Salvatore and his brother, Damon, eventually discovering that both of them are vampires. While the premise is the same, the TV series has significant differences. Writer Kevin Williamson has stated he was more interested to narrate the story of the town, Mystic Falls, rather than focus on a high school setting. Great attention is paid to the history of Mystic Falls, while character background, personalities and events were changed or switched around.

The show ended in its eighth season. The Originals , a Spin-Off , has also aired its pilot. In ''The Vampire Diaries'', after becoming a vampire, Elena no longer cares about modesty and steps out of the shower naked in front of both of her Love Interests and her friend. Example of: Shameless Fanservice Girl. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Katherine : I knew if I begged you not to kill him, that's exactly what you'd do. Jeremy: You know I don't have the best of luck in the girlfriend department.

Aren't you worried that one day all the forest animals are going to band together and fight back? I mean, surely they talk. No one's killing anybody.

Vampire Diaries star Phoebe Tonkin reveals how she bounced back after split with Paul Wesley

Alaric: I'm your friend, damn it! And you don't have many. So no more lying.